Terms & Conditions


All birthday party booking are taken via our website. We do not operate standard booking office hours but our team do work to try and respond to customer queries within 48 hours.

Simulator Parties include exclusive use of the mezzanine floor.

Simulator Parties includes the exclusive use of 2 x Large Multi-Sport simulators.

Our Simulator Parties can accommodate up to 15 children.

Our Gaming Parties include both Xbox & Playstation gaming consoles.

Our Gaming Parties are for boys & girls from 7 years of age.

Our Gaming Parties include Exclusive use of our 3 Gaming Rooms.

Our Gaming Parties can accommodate up to 15 children, this can require some children having to share screens for up to 4

For Gaming Parties please be aware that Fortnite is a popular game and we advise parents to choose multiplayer games in advance from our Games Library which our team can set up for you before you arrive. Experience tells us that if this is not organised in advance and the children’s expectations managed appropriately this can result in disappointment on the day. Fortnite is a restrictive game as it only allows for one player per screen which leaves all other guest unable to play for long periods.

Please let us know all the games from the library that your party is likely to want to play in advance so that the staff can prepare. The changing of games can take up your time particularly if more than one child from different consoles is asking for games to be changed at the same time.

Any damage to Legends’ equipment, stock, furniture or the area hired is the responsibility of the person making the booking and will be deducted appropriately from the credit card/cards used to secure the booking.

For the comfort and protection of our customers, our staff and our facility CCTV is used extensively throughout the centre.

The Legends team will be there to support your party throughout the event, however we are unable to take full responsibility for the children at the party and this will remain the responsibility of the parents and adults of the children at all times. 2 parents are expected to stay with the group at times.

Parents on the day will be required to check that all equipment is in good working order before their party commences.

Please ensure that you vacate your room or simulator at the scheduled time. It is possible for a 5-minute extension fee charged at 50% of the appropriate hourly rate to be applied to the credit card used to make the booking. This is to ensure all customer can commence their bookings on time.

Our fully inclusive parties come with decorated party tables reserved in Sprinkles.

The food period of the party will normally take approximately 30 minutes.

Sprinkles are only able to accept 1 party every hour from Legends, this could mean on occasions that party food would be booked before your Legend activity.

Unlimited drinks refers to the period eating in Sprinkles only.

No food or drink is permitted in the Gaming rooms or on the playing area of the simulators.

Please ensure that your food order is received 7 days before your party date.

Self-catered parties can use the General Area of Legends to set up tables for laying out food and drinks as well as tables used for the consumption of the party food.

Self -catered parties can use the General Area of Legends for up to 45 minutes after the end of their party activity. We apologies however we are unable to extend this time, particularly where there are other parties with bookings for Legends activities.

For self-catered parties we are unable to provide any staff, plates, knives, cutlery, utensils or any other equipment for the food part of your party. A member of staff will only be present to ensure the safety of customers and our equipment.

For self-catered parties customers are expected to clear the area used for food and leave the appropriate area in the same state as before their party started. Any clearing done by staff could be added to the credit card used to book the party on at our staff hourly rate plus 20%.

No decorations, party or otherwise is permitted to be stuck or put up on any wall in Legends. Free standing floor decorations are permitted if they are not blocking walkways or fire exits.